Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Brain keeping me awake…must Blog

Good evening everyone! I’m sorry it’s been over a week since I blogged. My bad. But you know how it goes, Holidays, family, working a full time job, housekeeping (what’s that?) and oh yeah, WRITING at every spare moment! Time slips on by and is gone like piece of chocolate left on the counter for me to find…poof!

So a few minutes ago I was tossing around in bed trying to shut my brain down for the night. That’s kind of hard when your imagination’s running away from you on a writer’s high. I just finished writing the first draft of a short story I’ve been working on to submit to my writer’s club for an Anthology they’re going to produce next year. I’ve been working really hard at trying to get the first draft complete before the next meeting in December as a goal to stay on track. Ta-da! It’s done!
Now for the editing…Well folks, that’s where I’m left scratching my head.

They have some guidelines for the submissions. One of them being that the work should be between 500 – 1000 words. My first draft is approximately 8600. I know I can edit it back, trim the edges, fluff up the ruffles and call it done – BUT, I love all of it. I’m pouting now…what to do?
There is a glimmer of hope to be found. Tis the season after all. I am permitted to submit up to three works for consideration for the Anthology. So maybe, just maybe, I can expand the short story turning it into two and submit both with the intention that the reader will have all the little goodies at their fingertips. The short story is a branch off of the series I’m writing and as long as the board of the Sacramento Suburban Writer’s Club likes them, they could be published in the Anthology next summer right around the time book 2 comes out of The Deceiver series.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I think my brain is shutting down. Hmm, bed is starting to sound pretty good now…yawn. Good night.

R. J. Machado De Quevedo
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