Thursday, February 28, 2013

On the Brink

Hello everyone! Have I mentioned how ON IT my publisher is? In case I haven’t mentioned it enough, let me say it now…again…THEY ARE ON IT!
The day after they sent me the final book cover, they sent me the revised and edited manuscript in electronic format all laid out in the expected print design. This included the inside cover page, dedication, table of contents, and subsequent chapters (of course). I can basically see what it will look like as a book. They will also be sending me a fully printed version, cover and all, to have in my anxious little hands so I can paw through it and feast my eyes upon it!
The goal here is simple. Give this baby of mine one last detailed read through and make sure it is exactly as I want it, catch any freaky little errors that us humans tend to make (especially my spelling, if you haven’t noticed), and make sure I like how it “looks” as well as feel fully satisfied with the way they laid it out in physical print.
I will have up to 30 days to return the digital version back to them with all my highlights and notes so they can lock in any final changes. Having the physical book in hand will help me to see things I might otherwise miss when reading it on the computer screen. I don’t know about you, but after a while, my beady little eyesies start to dry out and cross.
Once this last step is done, and I send them my final approval, it goes to print! And the public release date starts getting scheduled. Ooooohhhh, Yes!
Since I am also already in the book production process for book 2 in The Deceiver series, I should be getting the first edited draft back from my senior editor within the next week! So there will be some important overlap work to do between book 1 and 2. But I am happy to do it! I will need to do what I did for book 1 at this stage for book 2. A full slow reread, detailed review, make necessary changes and consider any suggested decisions along with reading all their notes thoroughly. I can’t wait!!

So a lot is happening right now and it is all fine by me. I feel very blessed and very fortunate!

Now, if I could just carve out some time to write more on book 3 I’d really be doing well! Auuh! I miss book 3! I left off in a really juicy spot and can’t wait to wrap up that chapter! I just finished chapter 6 too when I hit pause to handle all these other wonderful things. I’m itching to get back to it! Oooh, maybe this weekend! Now we’re talking…
Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful night!

R.J. Machado De Quevedo
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let’s Get This Party Started

Good evening everyone! Great news! The cover is finished and I looove it!
My project manager sent me a working version of the book cover about a week ago for me to check out and give them some feedback on. They were on the right track, but it wasn’t quite right. I sent back my honest feedback and what they sent back a week later—Blew. My. Mind. The artist really out did himself. He unmistakably nailed it and captured the “atmosphere” of this supernatural mystery thriller.

I was so shocked to see that part of it looks like a snapshot straight out of the dream I had that gave me the idea for the book in the first place. It was like seeing into my dream once again, but a fully awake, and looking upon a physical representation of it. Amazing!
The artist took into consideration the answers from the questionnaire my publisher sent me a few weeks before, read my honest feedback on his first draft, and he demonstrated that he comprehended what I had tried to express as my vision for the cover. He took all those things and made it even better than I had imagined. I am absolutely thrilled!

I had so much adrenaline surging through me and goose bumps up and down my arms that I could barely sleep that night. I found my mind wandering into day dreams, trying to come up with ideas for the cover of the second book coming out this summer. And I was feeling an increased sense of excitement at starting that project as well.
Once you see the cover of book one and once you have a chance to read it, I think you will agree that it perfectly portrays with precise impact the imagery woven throughout the book.

It is a strange and surreal experience to see the cover to a book I wrote suddenly come into physical existence. There are so many emotions wrapped up together it’s hard to focus on one and just feet it alone. I am swirling with absolute delight, a sense of rightness, a knowing that we are almost there and that soon, very soon my publisher will schedule the public release date. Then there is the adrenaline rush of excitement and a deeply pure pleasure at finally feeling that I have found the “it” that was missing in my search for a meaningful and fulfilling career.
We are almost there folks…almost…there.

Dream well,
R.J. Machado De Quevedo

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tighten that Saddle and Hang on for the Ride

I confess, I’ve been lagging on the blog thing the last few weeks, but boy have I been busy! My day job has exploded—which is a good thing. Having security with a solid day job is a blessing! I know the bills will be paid, thank God. But I’ve been busy with the dream stuff too and loving every crazy moment of it!

On my last blog, I told you all about the big edit deadline I had on book 1 of The Deceiver series. If you haven’t had a chance to read that last blog, take a second after you read this one and catch on up. ;o] Anyway, that editing assignment was a lot of good, hard, time consuming, wonderful, delightful, enjoyable, exhilarating work. Auhhh…can you feel the love? Yes, well, I rather enjoyed my week of madness surrounding writing and editing my book. I was living my dream.
Since I accomplished that first big editing deadline, I’ve been contacted by my publisher’s layout and design department. They sent me a questionnaire about my ideas and vision for the book cover and will be working on some options for me to look over by the end of February. Of course they will have their own intuition and experience to make my ideas even better and I can’t wait to see what they come up with! Also they are getting started on formatting book one into a printing layout design for me to review as well. This will also be sent to me for review by the end of February. I have a lot to look forward to near month end!

In the meantime, I’ve been spending my lunch breaks at work and an hour or more each evening reviewing the final edits we made that they sent back to me on book one. This way I can just double check it for any last minute errors or typos. We are all human after all. Ever see a period floating off on the side by its lonesome? Like this  .   I have. Looks kind of funny, right? I want to avoid those. Once they have the print layout done, I’ll get the official copy to look over and they’ll make any final changes that need to be done. So all this evening obsessing is just giving me a leg up on that last minute dash coming.
Once the book cover and layout is complete, my publisher’s marketing department will be start working on getting my author website and Series Facebook page up and start creating the TV commercials and e-commercials. I’m quivering with anticipation here…
I have another piece of great news to share. I was just notified this past Friday that we are also starting the first phase of editing on book 2! This month will be quiet for me as far as any assignments related to the editing. They will take the month to clean up any grammatical errors, punctuation foul-ups, and make notes about anything that just doesn’t make sense or is too “wordy.” By month end I will have a new deadline given to me to review and make my own edits on book 2. Can’t wait!
The end of February and the beginning of March are going to be insane since I have two books overlapping in production and both will have deadlines and things I must do. But you know, I wouldn’t trade a moment of it. It’s what I prayed for, what I dreamed about, and what I longed to experience. Praise God!
I can’t help but feel excited and full of anticipation! Feelings of “stress” haven’t really come. Yes it’s a lot of work, but it’s a joy filled busy. Oh, did I mention I’m still working on book 3 too? Yep. Just a little bit busy…
Well, that’s that latest on what’s going on with the books. It’s exciting being a new author and experiencing all of this for the first time. Really is surreal and such a blessing.
Have a great night everyone! Remember, dreams really do come true. Just keep pressing one and stay determined! Oh, and please feel free to read my other blogs if you have a chance.
R.J. Machado De Quevedo
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