Monday, June 24, 2013

The Deceiver Saga begins!

Whelp, book 1, The Deceiver, is in print and people are already reading it! And my Publisher, Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC, is already shipping them! The actual public release date isn’t until September 10th, so this is pretty cool folks. You can read it before marketing actually kicks off and it hits book stores.  

I have to confess, it is absolutely unreal to hold my books, sign them for my friends and family and hear people’s reaction to what they’re reading. A few have already finished (read it over the weekend!) and are asking me when they can get their hands on book 2, Broken Seed. They are excited and hungry for more—what an honor to hear that. It truly is. I am going to look back at these blogs in years to come, and be like, “Wow, that was only the beginning. What a great group of friends and what enthusiastic support.” And I’ll say it now too! My friends and family have been amazing! I feel profoundly blessed. 

Now, as I mentioned in my last blog, book 2, Broken Seed was in the review/proof stage. I meet my deadline and sent my final review back to my book project manager at 1:14 AM in Thursday, June 20th. Right on time! Though my eyes were crossed and my butt was numb, I made it! Whoo-hoo! I was pushing the limits on this one folks. I had less time than before, and the book is longer by about 50 pages! But they wanted to keep it on track for a quick released turnaround after The Deceiver. Good thing too since I am already getting asked for that one by people who have read it and want more!  

Don’t you hate having to wait a year before you get to read the next book in a series you are really enjoying? The wait feels sooo long! I am really glad my readers will only have to wait about three months to get their hands on book 2. Guess I better get at it on finishing up book 3 so I can get that on the production schedule with my publisher. Yikes! I am only about a third of the way done because I had to put it on hold to finalize the first two books! I can’t wait to finish! I’m excited to see how it turns out too! Oh, and did I mention, I am calling book 3, Sanctuary of Fire.  

One of my readers told me today that she can’t wait to read Broken Seed and I better hurry up on book 3 too so she won’t have to wait too long. It was encouraging to hear! But I was also like, “Oh crap. Better get a more on!”  

Has anyone seen those commercials lately with the little girl being interviewed with other kids who keeps saying, “But I want more, I want more.” Cracks me up! I’ve been hearing that a lot lately in random conversations. Seems to be the theme right now…”I want more.” Anyway, sorry, got side tracked. That happens to writers you know… 

So, back to the point…Yes, there was a point. My editor and designer have my notes and the last little change requests back on Broken Seed and are going through them to get them all fixed and locked in. Then, as they did before on The Deceiver, they will send it back to me all finished and pretty like, and I get to double check to make sure everything was done that I wanted or needed done, and if it is, sigh off so we can go to print!  

OMG…what a trip! That means I will have two books published this year! Holy kitty snot. That’s crazy. I am still pinching myself over here. Let me just say, GOD IS GOOD and has been amazing me with his love and favor.  

My hope is that anyone who reads these books will enjoy them immensely, but also take something away more than just entertainment. I hope they find a piece of truth or revelation that only they need to hear. Something that only God and they know they need. After all, what is in our hearts, who we really are, and what we have to fight the hardest against in our thoughts, is only known to you and to God.  

Until next time, enjoy The Deceiver saga! It’s already begun!

R.J. Machado De Quevedo

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You can order book 1, The Deceiver today!  The Deceiver Saga Begins!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Be one of the First to read The Deceiver today!

Good day everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve had time to write a blog but truth be told, I’ve been swamped! My publisher, Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC, and I have finalized the last and final proof of book one in The Deceiver series and we have gone to print! Oooooh, yes!! I am so thrilled!

And at the same time, I am completing an extensive marketing questionnaire for my Tate marketing rep and publicist and am also currently in the process of reviewing the proof to book two in the series called Broken Seed. I have until June 20th to return my notes and any final change or correction requests on Broken Seed to my book project manager. I am working hard at that too. I have to look for any weirdo spelling errors or work swamps. Hey, it happens. After reading my own book so many times, it is easy for the brain to infer what it knows should be there instead of what is really there so I have to read slow and be careful. It seems like my life is all work and not much play these days but it is still an enjoyable process to be caught up in the dream and it’s worth it!
Great news on book 1! Since we locked in the final proof, my publisher has transitioned The Deceiver from pre-order to purchase! If you’d like to be one of the first to read The Deceiver before the official “public release date”, please click here to place your order: The Deceiver- By RJ Machado De Quevedo

The “public release date” simply means that this is the date in which books have arrived at the distributor’s warehouse and is ready for orders, my book appears for sale on websites like Amazon, my publisher has my author website and author Facebook page up and running, and marketing will begin (press releases, TV Commercials, e-Commercials, etc).
The cool think is, my publisher is taking orders now and they will ship it now too before the public release date. This is sort of a special treat for those who have been following me on my blogs, twitter and for my friends and family. And of course, anyone else who might be interested in reading it, so please pass on the info!

Thank you for your support! I hope you enjoy it!
R.J. Machado De Quevedo
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