Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let’s Get This Party Started

Good evening everyone! Great news! The cover is finished and I looove it!
My project manager sent me a working version of the book cover about a week ago for me to check out and give them some feedback on. They were on the right track, but it wasn’t quite right. I sent back my honest feedback and what they sent back a week later—Blew. My. Mind. The artist really out did himself. He unmistakably nailed it and captured the “atmosphere” of this supernatural mystery thriller.

I was so shocked to see that part of it looks like a snapshot straight out of the dream I had that gave me the idea for the book in the first place. It was like seeing into my dream once again, but a fully awake, and looking upon a physical representation of it. Amazing!
The artist took into consideration the answers from the questionnaire my publisher sent me a few weeks before, read my honest feedback on his first draft, and he demonstrated that he comprehended what I had tried to express as my vision for the cover. He took all those things and made it even better than I had imagined. I am absolutely thrilled!

I had so much adrenaline surging through me and goose bumps up and down my arms that I could barely sleep that night. I found my mind wandering into day dreams, trying to come up with ideas for the cover of the second book coming out this summer. And I was feeling an increased sense of excitement at starting that project as well.
Once you see the cover of book one and once you have a chance to read it, I think you will agree that it perfectly portrays with precise impact the imagery woven throughout the book.

It is a strange and surreal experience to see the cover to a book I wrote suddenly come into physical existence. There are so many emotions wrapped up together it’s hard to focus on one and just feet it alone. I am swirling with absolute delight, a sense of rightness, a knowing that we are almost there and that soon, very soon my publisher will schedule the public release date. Then there is the adrenaline rush of excitement and a deeply pure pleasure at finally feeling that I have found the “it” that was missing in my search for a meaningful and fulfilling career.
We are almost there folks…almost…there.

Dream well,
R.J. Machado De Quevedo

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