Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sanctuary of Fire Cover Release and Book Teaser!

Sanctuary of Fire
By R. J. Machado De Quevedo 

“In a sudden whoosh, fire surrounded me, a holy sanctuary of fire. My long red hair blew back, electricity crackled along my skin, and as the flames engulfed me I felt the power of the Lord descend upon me and surge forth from within me. The necklace of truth and mercy about my neck burst into a white blaze, as if it held very light of God.
The Deceiver Saga continues as Melanie Bishop struggles to remain courageous and reclaim her emotional victory after a brutal, demonic attack by her father. Her attacker is still on the run, and it feels as though the entire world knows about the mortifying ordeal as college classmates whisper, police investigate, and news crews hound Melanie about her father’s sadistic crimes. She is too humiliated to even speak to David, the man who fought off her father, though in her heart she wants nothing more than to rush into his arms.

Despite the chaos in Melanie’s life, her true calling must remain the priority. History could be changed or delayed if she refuses to obey the call: A mission ordained by God to seek and protect celestial artifacts before the enemy can acquire them and discover their true power.
Neither time nor space are strong enough to stop the forces of Hell from picking up her trail and hunting her down, as they seek annihilate her. Transported thousands of years in the past, and left to wander across the wilderness in pursuit of the artifacts, Melanie is provided protection from the enemy’s warriors by a dysfunctional, legendary family. Yet as the battle descends upon them, it is Melanie who must pick up a sword and fight to the death, or risk failing in her mission and never making it back home.

R. J. Machado De Quevedo, author of The Deceiver Saga, lives in Northern California. Having grown up with meager resources, R. J. learned early on that joy can be found in the simple things and that imagination is a wonderful escape. R.J. is also a speaker, blogger, musician and artist. She enjoys kick boxing, riding motorcycles, and taking long walks with her husband. 

The Deceiver ~ Now Available!
Broken Seed ~ Now Available!
Sanctuary of Fire ~ Coming 2014!

R. J. Machado De Quevedo
(Author of ‘The Deceiver Saga’, Speaker, Blogger, Dreamer)

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