Friday, July 26, 2013

What a Party!

This past Saturday dear friends of mine, Sabrina and Seth, hosted my first every Pre-Release book signing party to celebrate the coming public release of book 1 in The Deceiver Saga! It turned out great! So many of my family and friends came out to support me. And they invited their family and friends! It was a packed house but so much fun!

I hadn’t planned on what I was going to say except for thanking my hosts. The rest that popped out of my mouth just seemed right at the time as the questions came one after another. I did what I do sometimes when I write, and just followed my instincts and my heart. I read the dedication (something else I hadn’t planned) and the prologue (which I had planned). And afterwards, we had a little Q&A. It was a blast.

I hope you enjoy this crazy little clip of the party. It’s only about 34 minutes long. And there were a couple times the camera got bumped and parts skipped over – like at the beginning. But the meat of it was there. I have also attached a few pictures of the evening.

Please keep in mind this is my first “live in person” Q&A. So cut me some slack okay guys? :o] Still working on slowing down the speed talking to an easy to understand level and yes, I know I use my hands a lot. Can't help it! Ha!

My fellow Author, Lauren Coziah, threw for me a Facebook interview on her author page a couple months ago. That was fun too! But no one had to look at me so I got to wave my hands all over and no one was the wiser. Well, my cats and husband witnessed it, but they love me anyway.

I can’t wait to do this all again! What a rush. I admit I was nervous for a few days before hand. But once the party started “the professional” kicked in and it was all fun, conversing, and down to business. It’s gonna be a little while before I’m used to the attention being on me. But I guess I’ll just have to get over it and keep having fun and be willing to say what needs to be said.

Thank you God for this opportunity and for giving me favor. And thank you God for blessing me with such supportive friends and family.


R.J. Machado De Quevedo

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  1. Beautiful! Love the Q&A. It was very inspiring! Keep up the great work. May the Lord continue to enlarge your territory :)

  2. Thank you Kenya! I will take all the blessings you want to pray for! GOD is Great!