Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Christmas Prayer of Blessing

I just wanted to send a little note out there to all my readers this holiday season to say that I’m praying that our Lord, Jesus Christ, bless you abundantly this coming year more than you could ever ask or even think.

I pray that you would be filled with contentment for those things that you have, but are blessed with prosperity and increased wealth.
I pray that your heart is filled with gratitude for your family and friends and also for the freedoms you have in this country.

I pray that you will be successful at everything you put your hands to be it a small task or a large endeavor.
I pray that you will have God’s divine favor everywhere that you go and with those in authority over you.

I pray that you have health and increased fitness. I pray that you would not cause pain to others but be compassionate and full of self-control.
I pray that your home and hearts be full of Joy, Peace, and laughter.

And I especially pray that you and your family will be protected from all forms of harm. 
May your Christmas Day and the coming New Year be filled with family, friends and unconditional love!

God Bless you all!

R.J. Machado De Quevedo
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