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Part 2 ~ Breakfast at Kate’s Café: A short story I wrote with characters from The Deceiver Saga.

Please read Part 1 first (blog from 8/16/14)


Breakfast at Kate’s Café
R. J. Machado De Quevedo

Chapter 1 – Palest of Roses

Part 2

Copyright 2014


        This beautiful woman was unlike any other woman he’d ever met. Simply looking at her delicate face made him feel something he’d never felt before around another human being: complete and utter surrender. He could feel his heart racing and a warmth awakening his soul.

She kept a watchful eye on him as she approached. There was more within her eyes than her words ever said. They were full of intelligence, careful observation, and something that took him only moments to identify after talking with her for the first time — sorrow. She had eyes burdened with a history of many sorrows locked within, a story all her own. Sorrow was something he knew all too well. David wished desperately that someday she would trust him enough to share it with him.

Melanie glared at him as she walked past and set the menus down at the far end of the little work table beneath the lockers. Once her arms were free, she pulled out the cold steel chair and sat down slowly, as if determined to show how unaffected she was by his presence.

“Bishop,” David said warmly, turning to watch her as she began shuffling the menus into manageable stacks.

“David,” Melanie said, in a small voice, focusing on her menus.

“How are you this morning?” David asked, walking up beside her. He put his hands on the stack of menus in front of her, stopping her busy hands and encouraging her to not ignore him. He could help with her chore if she’d let him. She just had to insert the new lunch specials for that month into the center flap of the menus, a simple but tedious task.

“I’m fine. Will you move your hand please?” Melanie asked. She looked up at him standing so close. His upper torso was nearly over her as he leaned onto the menus.

David’s breath caught, realizing how close they were. He hadn’t meant to get in her personal space quite this boldly. He looked down into her beautiful face and watched as the blush that had started to retreat flare back to life once more making her cheeks a tempting shade of pink on white.

Like the palest of roses. God she’s so beautiful.

Melanie leaned away from him, still looking up with what he began to recognize as suspicion. She appeared so delicate and unsure sitting there, her shoulders tight, and her eyes wide.

David removed his hand and took a slow step back. He watched confused as her shoulders relaxed and she took a breath, realizing there was fear in her eyes as well as mistrust.

But why? What did I do wrong?

“I’m sorry, Bishop. I didn’t mean to startle you. Can I help?” David asked gently, trying to smile to show he only had friendly intentions.

“No,” Melanie snapped back. She turned to face forward once more, her long hair swinging as she did so.

David watched mesmerized as her hair settled against her back. His hand rose to touch it of its own accord, and he quickly stuffed it back into his pocket, glad that she wasn’t watching him. He reminded himself that it would not be the act of a gentleman to simply reach out and touch her long, strawberry-blonde ponytail without her permission.

What if she feels my desire through my touch and becomes frightened of me? I couldn’t bear it if she did. “All right, let me know if you change your mind,” David answered with a patient, understanding tone. “I’ll just go get the salad bar dressed before lunch kicks in.”

David slowly retreated. He glanced back at Melanie and watched as she reached up to pull her long ponytail forward around her shoulder, twisting it in her hand possessively as if she’d somehow known the impulse he’d had.

He loved to watch her when she didn’t know he was looking, if only for a moment. She did the sweetest things. He felt a pleased smile spread across his face. Simply watching her made him feel warm, alive, and excited about how their unknown story would turn out. Would he ever win this girl’s trust? Would she ever express a reciprocating affection for him? Would he ever get to hold her, just hold her and feel her breathe within his arms? God, he hoped so.


(To Be Continued…Stay Tuned)

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